Do You Want to Win the Guy of Your Dreams? Here Are the Shortcuts Which Will Get You Great Results

Published: 23rd August 2010
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When it comes to relationships, winning a man's heart is every woman's dream. The idea sounds sweeter than honey, but making sure that he is completely yours isn't as easy as it may seem.

If the man stays with a woman no matter what, then it means she finally won him. But how can she successfully win a man's heart? Let this article tell you how.

1. Always look good.

Of course, no man wants to be with someone who looks sloppy and unconcerned about how she looks. She should always stay presentable with her clothes and make up, so he could be proud enough to take her anywhere.

2. Impress him with your achievements.

As much as possible, men don't only go for beauty alone; the girl should also be smart. Talking about her achievements without sounding like a brag will make him realize that he can have a bright future with a woman who will never be a liability.

3. Never intimidate him.

Girls shouldn't make a guy feel lesser in anyway. The society still believes that guys should be better than his girl in anyway. Sounds unfair, but messing up with a man' ego is definitely not the way in making him hers.

4. Believe in yourself.

A confident girl impresses a man for as long as she doesn't over do it.

5. Make him feel good about himself.

They may not say it, but men want to be appreciated. Women are not the only ones conscious about the way they look, mean are equally concerned about looking good too. A girl who knows how to compliment a man about his fashion, hair or achievements, will also be lucky to make him stay by her side forever.

6. Laugh together.

Having good times together is very important in a relationship. A man doesn't ever want to be stuck with a quiet girl who doesn't know how to crack jokes or doesn't know how to react when she hears one. Once he finds out that he will never be bored to hang out with her, then she will also not find it difficult to win his heart.

7. Listen more but talk less.

Who wants a nagger? A guy hates to have a second mum who doesn't know when to talk and shut up. The girl who wants to win her man should lend her ears whenever he needs it and be able to keep up to a conversation with sense.

Every girl wants to win the heart of the man she desires. It just so happens that girls outnumber males nowadays so competition is becoming more intense. But you can follow the suggestions above, then you will surely win the man you want.

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