Do You Want to Naturally Attract Any Man You Please? Here Are the Factors You Must Know Right Now

Published: 11th August 2010
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All women like to be thought of as attractive. However there are certain attributes and qualities that really attract men to them as moths to a flame. Learn the secrets of becoming a powerful man magnet by trying out the following techniques.

Independence in a woman
Men think that independence in a woman is really sexy! This is because it proves that the woman is together and she is not totally dependent on others. She is a woman who has her own condo, car and cash - you can't help but respect her! However too much of independence can be intimidating - so be careful!

Character and class
A woman should have character and class. She should stand out in the crowd and show individuality. A classy woman is one who is chic and can hold her own. Men love to be associated with such woman and are attracted to their obvious character strengths.

Bubbly personality
A woman with a bubbly and lively personality proves that she can be great company. No man likes to consort with a woman who acts like a wet blanket. A nit picker is avoided like the plague. Be open, honest and natural and the men will love you.

Beauty and brains
Even as it is a well known fact that a woman with good looks easily attracts the men, superficial beauty can only last so long. It is a woman with brains that has lasting attraction with the opposite sex. She should be sexy and smart at the same time. Men need to be stimulated intellectually.

The ability to be playful and have fun
A good sense of humor that allows her to take a joke, see the brighter side of life and enjoy teasing and be teased is what will attract the guy. Too many women tend to be very serious and stressed out - factors that put men off!

Confidence in her body
Men like to see women who are confident of their body and sex appeal. She should be able to wear an old pair of boxers and still look and feel utterly sexy and gorgeous. Men are put off with women who are obsessed with their bodies and can talk of nothing but their hair, nails and clothes!

An air of elusiveness
Be his mystery woman and you've managed to capture his interest. Men love a woman with an elusive air about her. Don't reveal too much and don't be too available. Get him to chase you and disclose only those personal details that are enough to make him interested. He will be back for more!

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