Do You Want Men to Chase You? If Yes! Here Are Some of the Most Important Things You Must Do

Published: 23rd August 2010
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The dating game is very much a mind game and you are constantly trying to manipulate the other sex so that he is attracted to you and begins to chase you. If the chase has to be eventful and enjoyable then you need to do the following seven things.

Look Sexy
For a man to be attracted you need to look really delicious. If you look like a used carpet no one is going to want you. So be on top of your figure and take good care of your body and skin. A sexy body is more important than having a pretty face. You should not only look fresh and appealing but you should look good enough to eat.

Appear available
You need to make the man realize that if he tries hard enough you are there for the taking. You need to appear as if you are available. Stay away from big crowds so that it is easy for him to make the first move.

You need to advertise your wares if you want him to fall for the bait. If you are blessed with long shapely legs than minis and short skirts should do the trick. If you have great breasts then showing a little bit of cleavage will do no harm. However, if you are the complete package then it will certainly help a great deal. So, hit the gym and workout 5 days a week.

Concede a little ground
Once he makes the first move be gentle and polite with him and concede a little ground so that he remains interested. Do not cut him off lest he thinks that he stands no chance with you. Let him enjoy the feeling of having won small battles. Become a friend and avoid treating him like a brother.

Stay one step ahead
When the chase begins you will have to continuously stay ahead of him so that he tries that much more. Do not go on the first available date; in fact refuse the first few times with excuses that are believable. He has to stay interested and therefore suggest that you would like to go with him but some other time.

Once you know him fairly well then it is time to confuse him about your status. At no point should you let him know that he is the only man in your life. Have a good time with your other male friends and confuse him. He will now become possessive about you and will want you all for himself.

When you are out with him make sure that you do not brush off all his physical advances. He is probably doing it to test the water. A little bit of physical intimacy will not make you look like a slut. So encourage him and see how he begins to hound you.

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