Do You Want a Certain Guy to Kiss You But Don't Know How to Hint Him? Here is How to Easily Do It

Published: 09th August 2010
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A kiss could just be a simple kiss or it can mean a lot of things. It's a way to show your love and intimacy to a person. In fact, it is said that kissing is much more intimate than actual lovemaking!

A simple kiss can lead to more intimate actions so you might want to learn the tricks and tactics on how to snag a kiss from a man that you truly want:

Put on a seductive look
Seduce him with your smile and tell him using your body language. Sometimes it is easy to convey things without saying them. So if you don't have the guts to tell him, let your body speak.

Stare at him
Intimately stare at him for a long time, looking into his eyes then shifting your gaze down to his lips. If he can read your actions, then there's no way that he won't kiss you right away. This is more advantageous if you've been blessed with naturally beautiful and sexy eyes.

Cuddle him as sweetly as you can
Be sweet and romantic. Hug him softly, tightly and lovingly. A little touch on his shoulder, touch his lips and get closer to him. With less distance between you, his lips can easily find its way to yours.

Smell irresistibly good
Entice him with your scent. Put on a signature perfume that he cannot resist-a scent that will make him draw nearer to you. So when he's closer to you, it's easier to kiss him. You can even steal a kiss from him-only the smartest, most confident women can get away with this!

Slowly lean towards him
While sitting next to each other, move toward him. Tilt your head and brush your lips to his. Excite him; create a spark between the two of you. The closer you are to him, the better.

Tell him what you secretly long to do
If you have sent signals to him through your body language or through sweet words but he still can't get the message, then tell him honestly what you feel. Say you wanted to kiss him and then wait for him to kiss you back.

Why not initiate the kiss
Be a little aggressive. Kiss him without saying anything. Some men want women to do the first move. If initiated there's no way he can resist. Kiss him without hesitation and enjoy the moment as you feel his moist lips against yours.

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