Do You Know You Need to Emotionally Stimulate a Man to Keep Him Interested? A Must Read

Published: 11th August 2010
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Looking for a long term relationship? But, have no idea how to keep your man's interest? Keeping a man's interest alive is no rocket science but it does take some bit of planning, scheming and working to do so. Here are a few things that you need to do to keep your man's interest alive.

Look like a sexy siren
Ditch the old grandma sweater and the faded pajamas. Look like you always did when you met him. A man does get tired of looking at his girl wearing old worn out clothes all the time. So get the out finery and look like a lethal weapon, dressed to kill.

Have an independent life
Don't always depend on him to tell you how you should be spending your time. If you want to keep your man's interest, you have to make him feel like you have a life outside of him as well. Go and hang out with your own set of friends and do stuff without your man.

Take some time out
Spending some time away makes you realize how much you mean to each other. Take a holiday away from each other just so that you can miss each other. This will make him see your worth and will make him value you a whole lot more bringing you closer and keeping him interested.

Back off from his space
If you seriously don't want him to tire of you, you have to learn to back off from his space. Tagging along with him on boys night is not cute and answering his text messages for him actually drives him nuts. Just like you won't like him going through your personal stuff, he too doesn't. Before he tells you to back off and loses all interest in you take heed and mend your ways.

Have some raunchy moves
Every man has fantasy. Continue to surprise your man with your moves in bed. Get a raunchy act in place that acts out his deepest desires. If you can continue to keep the magic alive between sheet and behind closed doors you can be assured that he will never lose interest.

Cook like a culinary queen
Brush up on your cooking skills and make treats that will put Nigella Lawson to shame. Now he has the ultimate woman in his who satisfies him not just sexually but is also a gastronomic magician.

Stimulate him mentally
Don't let the conversation die out. Continue to update yourself on various topics so that you have something to talk of and can stimulate him mentally. Do this and he will never get bored of you.

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