Do You Know That Your Ex is Avoiding You Because of What You Are Doing? A Must Read For You

Published: 03rd September 2010
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The truth is that your ex really hates you at the moment. He/she cannot stand the sight of you after having dumped you. So, at a time like this you will have to move with caution to get your ex back as he/she definitely does not want to take you back!

But since your ex had fallen in love with you the first time around, there is a good chance that they will do so again. But you will have to work really smartly as you don't want your ex to realize your objectives now as then he/she will feel that you are trying to pressurize him/her back into the relationship.

Here are a few ways of changing the way your ex feels about you and getting him/her back:

Ignore your ex
Firstly, you have to let your ex feel that you are not breathing down his/her neck. Give your ex some space and let them be for a while. This way they will also begin to think of you a little more fondly and not think of you as a desperate moron.

Once you have established that you are no longer interested in running after your ex, your work will get a lot easier as he/she will not be as suspecting any more.

Be the person your ex fell in love with
In your own unassuming way you have to make your ex see that you are the same person that he/she fell in love with. Don't try to be something that you are not. In the time that you both spent together, you obviously changed and that made your ex take this move.

No amount of cosmetic change is going to warm your ex to you. You have to alter the things that changed naturally over a period of time to get your ex back.

Don't rehash old arguments
Its arguments or things that led to arguments that prompted your break up. When you meet your ex, take ownership of your mistakes but don't start off on all the things that he/she did wrong.

You want things to work between the two of you so suck it up and take the blame. Make your ex see that you have kept your stubbornness aside and have made an honest effort to change to a better person.

Don't let a break up break you
Just because you have been dumped, don't wallow in self pity. Show your ex that you are a confident person and that you take criticism in your stride and move on. Your ex will respect you a lot more and will soon want to get back together!

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