Do You Know Dating Someone Else Will Actually Bring Your Ex Back? Follow This Right Now

Published: 07th September 2010
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If your ex has not reacted favorably to your honest overtures for a reunion then it could be time to use jealousy as your arsenal to make him/her scoot right back into your arms.

Here are some tips as to why you can use dating to get your ex back into your tired arms.

This is the fastest way to get your ex's attention Your ex might have broken up with you and he/she and might not even tell you the time of the day. But he/she will certainly get jealous if you start dating someone else if feelings of love are still haunting his/her hollow heart.

Get ready to enter the dating arena Before you pick up any bystander for a date and end up in a bigger mess, it is vital that you get ready to enter into the dating arena.

You should first get a makeover that will attract the attention of other bees in the dating garden as well as make your ex go a little weak in the knees. This will accentuate the effect and bring your ex quickly to the boil.

If possible, present an act You might end up hurting an unsuspecting date and your ex too, if your plan does not go as per your script. If possible, ask a close friend to play your suitor's role so that things can be clarified if need be.

You can now plan your moves in advance with your fake date so as to totally convince your ex that another person has been enamored by you.

Sound, lights, action Choose a party frequented by your ex and put your act into action. Let your ex observe from a distance as your fake date approaches you and you reciprocate by flashing your eyes shyly. You should also make sure to slyly look towards your ex so as to further confuse him/her even as feelings of jealousy prod at his/her cold heart.

Stay within tolerable levels Since you might know the tolerance levels of your ex, it would be wise to stay within those levels. You would not want your ex to think that you have moved on forever, or get him/her into a homicidal rage.

A little flirting along with a couple of non-alcoholic drinks will enable both you and your fake date to remain in control of the situation as your ex quietly roasts on the skewers of jealousy.

Take your act to a visual climax Let your ex forcibly watch repeated dates even as you act as if you are getting closer to your new date. Ask mutual friends to play their part by informing your ex that you plan to cement your new relationship within a few days. This deadline will force your ex into action immediately.

Let your ex sweat it out before nodding positively Do not give the game away but instead let your ex sweat it out when he/she asks for one last meeting with you to sort out matters. Once you have your ex telling you much more than the time of the day then say yes, but only if past issues have been settled to your satisfaction.

You can now let the cat out of the bag and have a hearty laugh as your sheepish ex holds on to your hands in a sweaty grip.

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