Do You Fear Your Man Might Leave You? Here is How to Keep Him Hooked on to You Forever

Published: 01st September 2010
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The key to having your man for keeps lies in the subtlety of your relationship. Agreed your man is the cynosure of every gathering and people love him - girls even more. However, if you want him to be hooked only to you, you will have to make sure that he desires you more than your craving for him.

Here are seven ways by which you can do that.

Do not open all your cards
A lot of relationship experts will tell you that the foundation of lasting relationship is trust and truthfulness. Well, take that advice with a pinch of salt. To make your man want more you will have to be a bit enigmatic.

Have a bunch of close friends
Just because you are seeing someone does not mean you forget and ignore all your girlfriends. Remember these are the very same people that will come to your rescue when something goes wrong in your relationship. Keep meeting your girlfriends and share something with them that you can't with your man. Do not burn all the bridges.

Once in a while organize a 'girls only' blast
The best way to keep your friends loyalty and show that you have not erased them from your life is to have a "girls only" party where you have all the fun you can think of. The key is to let your man know that you have a fantastic life outside the relationship.

Be comfortable in your skin
Well, this is not racist or sexist. But you will have to show by your actions that you are not intimidated by his looks. You have to be comfortable in the way you are. Do not try to overdress or overdo your makeup when you are with him. He will like you more if you come across as a naturally beautiful woman.

Have the guts to turn down some of his proposals
If your guy is a chauvinist, most men are closet chauvinists, make sure that you are not there for him all the time. Drive home the point that you will not be there at his beck and call all the time. Although this is difficult, remember a good relationship is between equals.

Show your softer side
Whenever your man is down and feeling low make sure that you raise his spirits by supporting him. Listen to his problems and empathize with him however, please note it is empathy not sympathy that he needs the most.

Never neglect your body
Take care of your body and gait. Just because you have bagged the guy does not mean he will stay with you no matter how you look. Men by nature have a roving eye and it is but natural that they will tire of you after some time. However, you can prevent that by working out and looking gorgeous all the time. Whenever a man sees a woman other than you he will subconsciously make comparisons and it is up to you to keep his interest going.

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