Do You Fear That You Have Lost Your Ex Forever? 4 Effective Tips Which Will Change it All For You

Published: 07th September 2010
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Ok. So first you fight and kick and throw away what you had. And now you want it back. May not seem funny to you at this point, but it is. Ironic too - because all you had to do keep your ex from becoming your ex was to be what you were when you first hooked up. But in the end, you still want them back, so guess what you have to do now? Well my friend you have to fight "tooth and nail", so that they will literally be shown exactly why they need you... in fact you can simply just convince your ex to take you back as well. Read on to find out some of the ways to do this....

What made you tick in the beginning? -

I mean, there had to be something that attracted your ex to you, right? And presumably you lost it, which is why you got dumped. So find it. Maybe you've gained a 'few' pounds, or become a bit worn out around the edges - physical changes are quite to solve. With a fitness regime and a makeover, you'll soon be even hotter than when you first met your ex, who will then promptly fall in love with you all over again.

Were you this whiny when you met your ex? I don't think so! -

Another thing you could do would be to stop making a hash of it in your head, and actually do something about it. For instance, you could tell your ex you have no interest in fighting all the same old arguments again, that you concede your ex was right about almost everything, and that you'll be a good lapdog and listen to what you ex tells you. If your ex doesn't have a heart attack from the shock of the complete cave-in, then you two should end up together again.

Your ex doesn't want to be your life -

Or you could go the other way, and make it seem like the whole thing is over and done with. Get on with your life, go to parties, enjoy life. Maybe even go out on a date or two - preferably with a close friend of your ex. The whole point being to make your ex think that you're the one who 'escaped' out of the relationship and you're having fun while your ex is still heartbroken. That, coupled with the jealousy factor - should be more than enough to make your ex want to get back in with you.

At the end of the day, your ex doesn't want to be your life anyways. Your ex wants to see that you are capable of standing on your own two feet and living life to it's fullest. Your ex cannot always have you clinging on to them for dear life, so go out and try to live life without them, and show them that you are a strong individual.

Don't burn those bridges -

You may not like everyone your ex hung around with, or all of his/her family members. But instead of blaming them for the breakup, or other silly things from the past, get to know them even better and get on their good side. Lastly, you should enlist as many good - as in well-meaning - friends and family-members as possible. Get to them before your ex does, and convince them that it's best for you and your ex to get back together. Ask them to put in a good word for you. Once your ex starts getting bombarded with advice to get back in with you, it'll be easy for you to swoop in and make it happen.

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