Do Guys Like Romance! Here Are the Answers Every Woman Out There Has Always Searched For

Published: 05th August 2010
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It is very common for women to ask if guys actually like romance. You might be surprised that the big answer for this is yes. Your man, even with his manly physique is indeed a romantic at heart. No matter how much guys deny it, they want romance as much as girls do.

Do not be afraid to express everything you feel about him
If you are embarrassed to tell your man your true feelings, it is about time to let go of this embarrassment and just go and tell him what you feel about him. You can be assured that he will like hearing those things and before you know it, he will also slowly tell you his feelings for you, too.

Give him a very romantic letter

Even though some say that love letters are so outdated and email and text messages are the in things, a love letter is the most romantic way of telling a man how you feel. For his birthday, write him a letter to go with his gift.

Pop in a cheesy flick and you'll be surprised at how he reacts to it

Men are all about action and suspense but for your next movie date at home, get a chick flick. Men would love a nice romantic movie just for a change. You shouldn't be surprised if he actually suggests another romantic movie the next time.

They want to feel how much you care for them

Men want to also feel loved and cared for. As much as you want to feel this from your man, you need to also give your man this exact same things you look for. Taking care of him in a sweet way, looking out for his needs would just be exactly right.

A little romantic gesture coming from your part would help

Remember that as much as you enjoy anything romantic, your man will surely like this, too. Set up a nice romantic picnic dinner in your garden for your anniversary. Even if he denies enjoying the gesture, you would know that, in his heart, he loved every moment of it.

Chocolates and flowers aren't passe

Do not be surprised if your guy would give you chocolates, flowers and candy even though he says that he is a big anti-romance person. These things are still the most romantic objects in the world. You can even give him his favorite candy bar once in a blue moon and you'll be surprised on how much he'll appreciate it.

Pick out things that can give you a romantic setting

Your man may not admit it but he wants a romantic setting in the bedroom as well. Go for scented candles, lots of sweet smelling oil and dim lights in the bedroom. A romantic ambiance would be perfect for a romantic night together.

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