Dirty Mind Games to Get Your Ex Back! These Tricks Might Be Dirty But Work Stunningly Well

Published: 07th September 2010
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To succeed in life and love, you need not only your heart. Your mind plays a crucial role in anything. If your mother didn't tell you this, consider yourself notified and be grateful that you're reading this. Now when it comes to getting your ex back, maybe you already know some mind games. Regardless, it never hurts to hone up on this crucial mind quotient especially in love life.

Date someone he knows - Why should they be any different than any other love interest? It could be his boss, his friend or even his brother. This will tick him off to the point of no return. Well, not really. If he still has feelings for you, he would probably pull you to one side and make you realize you're doing the wrong thing. Pretend to listen and take this opportunity to start getting back together.

Go online - Ever heard of social networking sites like Facebook? Everyone has an account and that includes your ex. List him as one of your friends and take advantage of it. Keep abreast of one another's lives. Update your status regularly. Make him jealous. Pretend you have a hot date. Comment on a cute photo of your friend's hunky friend. Sooner than later, he'll realize that he still wants you.

Play Damsel in Distress - Make up a story that your co-worker repeatedly brushes against you and grabs your behind. Or pretend to be upset about something. Be the drama queen that you always want to be. Men like to be heroes and he'll gladly play the part especially if he still has feelings for you.

Ignore Your Ex - Hard as it may seem but this thing has to be done sometimes. This is good if you have constant communication with your ex even after the breakup. He will feel wretched and used and will do everything to find out the reason for your aloofness. But don't go hiding too long. You might lose him in the end.

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