Did Your Ex Dump You? Use This Stunning Trick to Make Your Ex Beg You to Come Back to Them!

Published: 07th September 2010
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So your ex dumped you? Well understandably you don't like it that you were rejected cold-heartedly like that, but the fact of the matter is that no one likes rejection.

In fact, getting mad about it won't help you either, and even if you are thinking about revenge now, the fact of the matter once again is that you really want your ex back, and you are just mad because you lost the love of your life.

But, instead of getting mad, why don't you devise a plan to make your ex come back to you and literally beg you back? That way you don't have to feel mad anymore, and that way the problem is solved!

Not sure how to do that? Well follow these steps and use this stunning trick to make your ex beg you to come back to them....

Being able to use the dirty trick

To do this, you first have to be able to use a dirty trick, and you should also consider the one thing that you can't take.... What is it? Well, for most people it's not actually rejection, but rather...it's jealousy. Thinking about their partner in someone else's arms, or thinking about seeing their partner love someone else, that makes ANYONE instantly jealous.

So that is the key here to getting your ex back, is to simply make him/her jealous... but it's a dirty trick! BUT, once you use this dirty trick, you will easily be able to make your ex literally beg you back, because they will be so emotional thinking you are dating someone else, that he/she will literally get mad and try and force you back!

Dating someone close to your ex

You may not want to start dating again, but trust me, this is the best way to get your ex's attention back onto you! You see, unless you do this, you will never be able to win your ex back!

You can pick someone from your ex's job, or someone who is around your ex a lot, but either way make sure it's someone close to your ex, and once you do this, your ex will instantly be regretting the breakup!

You can really rub things in by making your ex jealous further, by having a great time and showing him/her that you have really moved on. When you do this, your ex will be forced to literally think about you all the time, because not only are they seeing you happy, but they are also being forced to see you doing the same things they once shared with you....but with someone else.

In the end, your ex will be burnt to pieces and won't be able to get over you at all, and he/she will literally beg you back to end this new feeling of jealousy they have developed.

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