Did Your Ex Dump You? Find Out How to Make Your Ex Feel Rejected After They Have Rejected You!

Published: 07th September 2010
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It may sound like a war game, where your ex fires and then you retaliate in return, but it's actually nothing like this! You see, if your ex dumped you, and you want them back, the only thing you really have to do is reject them back!

You may be wondering how that works, and how that will make them want you back, but it really does work!

Read on to find out how you can make your ex feel rejected after they have rejected you....

Ignore them completely

This will be hard, but it will psychologically make your ex feel lonely! Not only this, but it will make your ex feel as though they need to talk to you immediately. He/she won't even realize what you are doing, but they will assume that you are no longer happy with them, and this will hit their ego hard.

Since you are ignoring him/her, they will also feel a lack of attention, and will immediately work hard to get that back, because you are virtually their main source of attention, and it makes them feel desired and wanted to have you chase them.

But, when you remove this chase, they instantly chase you in return, without realizing it, because they will not be able to stand the deprived feeling. In turn, your ex will also start thinking a bunch of things and will wonder what it is that you are doing that is so important that you have to ignore them now, and they will fear being replaced.

Play hard to get

On top of this, you will notice them calling you again and trying to talk to you. BUT, if you give in to their needs NOW, you will only end up losing them again. Instead, what you have to do, is you have to ignore your ex and make him/her really want you badly.

Don't answer the calls right away, and if you do, just tell them you have to go and hang up the phone. Your ex will hate to be ignored, and will feel rejected when you do this. That feeling of rejection will instantly make your ex seek your approval.

Once your ex starts seeking your approval, he/she will not be able to stop, because they will need you to confirm that you do in fact still like them and want them, so that they can feel better again.

And the challenge you present by playing hard to get will NOT be left alone by your ex either, because human beings love things which are harder to get. This means your ex doesn't like you as much when you are easy and just handing yourself over to them, but your ex will want you when you are making it harder for them to have, because it means you value yourself.

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