Did Your Ex Dump You? 4 Sneaky Ways You Can Use to Get Them Back Without All the Hassle

Published: 07th September 2010
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If you're thinking your life is over just because your ex gave you the royal boot and dumped you, you should seriously think again! It's time you wised up to the fact that you are not the only one that's feeling like a big-time loser.

While there's no denying the fact that losing your ex is going to hurt like crazy for some time, and there are going to be days when you wish you could hurt him/her back, the most important fact is to remember that YOU are important and you cannot let the situation get the better of you!

Its okay to try and get your ex back in your arms and if you want to be sneaky about it, great! In other words you don't want to be blatant about pursuing your ex. There are plenty of ways to scheme and plan as to how to make sure your ex is crazy for you again.

o Be a great pretender! Fake it till you make it: One of the first steps would be to pretend that the current situation is no big deal and that you are already moving on. This is effective and works like an eye opener for your ex. He/she is going to be really surprised to see that the "woebegone" expression on your face has been replaced by a "cocky confident" grin!

There is no point letting on that you're still aching for him/her and that it hurts to see him/her with someone else. It's time to give your ex a dose of the same medicine and see how he/she likes it!

o Chuck the scruples!: The second step would be to rope in a good friend (of the opposite sex of course) to help you. This friend should be sexy attractive and game to play along! All you have to do is make sure your ex sees you having a ball! The icing on the cake would be to get yourself invited to parties your ex is sure to attend.

The sight of you dancing the night away especially to your one time "favorite" love song is sure to send signals to your ex and unless he/she is made of stone, there are going to be a lot of conflicting emotions racing through his/her heart!

o Fan the flames of jealousy!: The third step would no doubt involve a lot of subtlety and a little slyness on your part. Draw his/her attention to you. Look sexy and attractive every time you "accidentally" bump into your ex. Come across as a friendly "flame of the past" that has decidedly moved on!

Your ex is going to find it hard to ignore the sight of a stunningly handsome/gorgeous you with a sexy "partner" in tow. Feelings of jealousy are bound to surface especially if your ex sees you being so attentive and caring with someone else.

o Use the final straw!: A sincere apology on your part for past mistakes and an invitation to a "heart to heart" talk that would clear the air once and for all. By now your ex would be relieved to know that YOU still want to talk to him/her! Be your charming best and woo your ex. Once you see the tell tale signs of renewed interest, you can revert to sheer honesty!

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