Did You Know the Reason Why Your Ex is Ignoring You is Because He Or She Knows You Are Desperate?

Published: 01st September 2010
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You wanted to have him back in your life; however, even if you wanted to make an effort and try to pull him back, it will be difficult for you because he is already avoiding you, as if he doesn't want to see you ever again. However, before you decide to give up, you should realize that he is avoiding you for a particular reason.

Your ex is probably avoiding you because you've been doing things that annoy him or you are getting weak and very emotionally burdened. To give you an idea, here are some of the things that you should not do if you want to get him back.

1. You've been blaming him for the breakup

Probably, the main reason why he doesn't want to talk to you or why he tries to avoid you is because you're always blaming him for the breakup. Keep in mind that you also did something wrong and the breakup is not just because of him. Accept that you are also at fault and stop blaming him for what happened.

2. You're very desperate to have him back

Even if you do want to have him back in your life, you should never appear desperate because it will only cause him to dislike you even more. Desperation is a great sign of weakness. It will also cause a major turn off to him.

3. You are very emotionally weak

You've been hurt after the break up; however, it is not your entire life that was ruined. You need to continue with your work or with your usual activities and do not let it be affected with your emotions. If you let your emotions control you, you'll just appear weak not only to your ex but also to other people.

4. You are very sarcastic when it comes to the breakup

When you and your ex were being talked about by your friends, you become sarcastic and you're saying that you're thankful for the breakup. This will annoy your ex and will definitely avoid you.

5. You've been expecting too much from him

You're always thinking that he'll be the one to initiate the first move and try to win you back and when he fails to meet your expectations, you've become frustrated.

6. Ineffective communication

You may not be communicating properly with him and you've been sending him the wrong messages that caused misinterpretation. Effective communication is very important, especially if you want him badly back in your life.

7. You don't want to accept that you have already broken up

While you are still can't accept that the relationship is over, you need to be able to do so because acceptance will be the key to open new doors and give your relationship another chance.

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