Decoding a Guy's Behavior! Here is How You Can Easily Figure Out What's Going on in a Guys Mind

Published: 05th August 2010
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The strongest messages are non-verbal. In psychology, behavioral analysis is a crucial activity that will help decipher what truly is the message that one would like to impart whether the sender is conscious or unconscious about it.

It's amazing when a woman has an eagle's eyes which are quick enough to scrutinize the items on display at the mall whenever she goes window shopping. It goes the same with men. Women's judgment are not merely based on what they see but includes also the quality and kind of guy they meet. You don't need to date a guy too long to read him. Here are some tips to do it:

His hobbies

A guy who likes to gamble and play games of chance indicates that he is a risk taker. If he smokes, it indicates his fixations and anxiety from previous experiences. A laid-back type of guy will express a relaxed and happy-go-lucky type of personality.

Eye contact

Not maintaining straight eye contact with you tells that he is not trustworthy or confident of what he does. If his eyes looks bored, it only means that he is not interested anymore with the conversation. While eyes that sparkle in amusement and a look of eagerness show his interest in you.

How he dresses up

A guy who is choosy and fashionable in style speaks a lot of his lifestyle. He is obviously vain and ambitious. While those who hang-loose with their fashion sense is a guy to whom you can easily relate with emotionally, experts say. For the latter kind of guy, it's the inside beauty that matters more to him.

Time he spends with his friends

A guy who is able to keep his old friends hanging with him is someone who values loyalty and trust so much. Although this is generally a good thing, with this type of guy, it takes time to gain his trust, though.

Time sensitive

A guy who is always on time and avoids to cram things up is more responsible than those who choose to be otherwise. This highly organized guy will always be afraid not to abide by the rules or give promises that he can't keep.

Touchy guy

Lovingly strokes your body is a sign of romance and intimacy. A guy who loves to kiss and touch you means that he is into you.

Observe his body language

The way he behaves when you are together often reflects his inner being. Check if his body language says how much he respects and loves you. If they don't then you're better off with a more worthy guy.

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