Are You Willing to Win Your Ex Lover Back? Then Here Are Some Changes You Must Go Through

Published: 07th September 2010
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Your ex has STILL not taken you back, even though you have promised to do everything under the sun. But do you know WHY they are still not taking you back? You see, your ex wants to see your words become reality.

Without action, your words become meaningless, especially after a break up. Your ex needs to see you prove your love and your promises with real action, and what better way to do this, than to use romantic gestures!

Read on to find out the romantic gestures which will prove your love to your ex and win them back:

1. Surprise Your Ex- When you are in love, there are a few emotions, which when experienced, can put you over the top. By this I mean, they go above and beyond what people expect, and therefore only increase the attraction. Surprise just so happens to be one of those emotions.

To surprise your ex, you can simply do something they have been asking you to do for a long time, and do it with more passion than you ever would have done before. Even if this thing seems difficult, stick to it.

They may have asked you to change, or maybe asked for some space, or simply that you get your life together and work harder at your job. Either way, by doing this thing, you will surprise your ex, and this will prove to be very romantic, as you are tapping into their emotional side which works in your favor.

2. Work really hard on your outside - Our external self does have a lot to do with initial attraction, but it also has a lot to do with attraction anyways. Physical attraction is STILL part of attraction, and if you want to make your ex love you again, you have to really work on your physical self.

Hit the gym, work out, lose weight, style your hair, make your skin soft, use new cologne/perfume, so that way your ex actually has a real reason to notice you in real life. There is a saying that goes like this: "Behind every model is a bored husband", which means that people DO get used to looks.

The only way you can combat this, is to change your looks and make your best effort to look as physically appealing as ever. Treat this like when you first met your ex, you worked hard to be attractive in all aspects, and now is no time to slack off, and by making yourself physically appealing, you prove to your ex that you do love them and that you really are trying to make things work.

3. Behavior- who are you really these days? - When we spend time with someone we tend to become more like them, but we also tend to become less like them if we have lots of disagreements. This means that your personality can change, and YOU change as a result. Look yourself in the mirror and look at how you handle and deal with people. Are you the same person that your ex fell in love with?

Make an effort to be the person whom your ex first fell in love with, the understanding, patient and caring person. The honest, funny, and happy person. This is by far the most romantic gesture you can ever do, and it most certainly will win your ex back over once again.

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