Are You Unsure About Whether Your Ex Wants You Back Or Not? Sure Fire Tricks to Know the Truth Now

Published: 01st September 2010
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Most of the reasons why couples breakup are not really out of love for their partners, there's just a point in a relationship where you need to get that little break from all the pressures and responsibilities. A lot of us would refer that as "space". So don't fret, you'll still probably going to end up together. Now the question is how would you be able to identify yours to belong in that category? Or to put it simply, how would you know if your ex still likes you? Read on the following signs I've listed below and see for yourself:

1. Trying to keep your line of communication open. Do you still receive any text messages or emails from your ex? If there's really no important reason why he does so, then he's probably making up excuses to talk to you. It's a simple sign your ex is not yet willing to give you up.

2. He/she always seems to be where you are. It may look like a coincidence at the start until it happens more frequently, that you can say is definitely not a coincidence. That means your ex tries to make the effort to have even a little chance to spend time with you.

3. You find your ex trying to impress you incessantly. Do you ever notice your ex bragging about the good things going on in his/her life? You can see it in the way he/she dresses, or maybe in his/her new hairdo? They want to catch your attention and start to make you want them. They will brag about their achievements even if the idea is not solicited from them.

4. Have you noticed your ex still clinging on to the material things? I mean those things that you had given them like t-shirts, caps, bracelets, rings, jackets and all of those that remind them of you. The best material evidence that your ex still wants you is that they are keeping your photos in their wallet, it is a big sign that they are still in love with you.

5. Another thing that makes them obvious about their feelings is, they are changing something about themselves that you really hate when you are still together. You may not notice it but changing something about them is also a sign that your ex are still into you.

It may be in their behavior that you uses to find annoying, getting active in school specially their studies and getting higher grades. They are trying to let you see that if you ever do allow a second shot at your relationship, it will be a better one.

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