Are You Sick & Tired of the Silent Treatment From Your Ex? 4 Ways to End the Silence, Starting Now!

Published: 07th September 2010
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How can you get your ex back if they are ignoring you? Well obviously the silent treatment stops virtually all of your attempts to get your ex back, BUT, if you are SICK and TIRED of your ex ignoring you, read on to find out the 4 ways to end the silence NOW...

Reject them in return

Ever heard of the saying which tells of people who can "dish it, but can't take it", which really means people who cannot take their own medicine. Well, when it comes to breakups, 99% of the time, your ex will NOT be able to take rejection in return!

You see, your ex gets satisfaction out of knowing he/she has all the power to reject you and be chased, but what they are NOT expecting is to have this returned. Your ex is expecting you to chase them around like crazy, and he/she actually gets an ego boost from this.

In fact the main reason why your ex is ignoring you, is because you are literally forcing them to take you for granted by desperately chasing them.

Thus, when you reject them in return, they will no longer feel this way. So how do you reject your ex? Well you simply ignore them and completely cut off contact with them! This will give you the power back, and it will make your ex curious.

Be thankful

Once you have rejected your ex, you will find him/her trying to get your attention again. But, the only attention you should actually give your ex, is the thankful kind. What I mean by this, is you should thank your ex for breaking up with you!

It may sound crazy, but this further adds salt to their "wound", by making them feel 10000X more rejected! What will happen then, is that your ex will literally seek your attention just to get rid of the feeling of having to be alone or having to accept that they are no longer wanted or desired by you.

Leave a good impression

Now that you have your ex's attention on you again, leave a good impression! Start doing things which your ex would never expect you to do, such as increasing your social circle, getting a raise, finishing your school etc...

This will make your ex want you back even more.

Replace your ex

People hate to be replaced. Find something which you can "replace" your ex with, so that they literally become envious of that thing. You could date someone exactly the opposite of your ex, or you can date someone your ex hates, but either way this will definitely make sure that your ex no longer ignores you anymore, and it will END the silent treatment!

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