Are You Scared That Your Man Might Fall Out of Love? Here is How to Keep Him Hooked on to You

Published: 11th August 2010
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There are different ways of keeping a man interested in you. If you take the time to read the following tips it will help you keep your man glued to you and you alone. Get moving and get irresistible.

Keep up the appearances
He simply loved the way you looked, your superb body, your personality and character. Let the magic go on and on. Don't make the mistake most women make of letting their bodies and appearance go to the dogs! Once they catch their man - they get lazy and matter of fact about the whole thing. This is what makes their men lose interest.

Pay attention to details
Your man is going to notice if you stop giving him the attention you once gave him. Don't stop making up the No.1 priority in your life. You will never lose his interest and love if you take care of the small details that prove your undying love and passion for him.

Be his buddy
There is something very special about being your man's best friend and buddy. This means that he should be able to confide in you and share things he would normally share with his best friend without feeling awkward or intimidated in any way.

Be his lover
Always be ready to give your man whatever he wants. Be as sexually appealing as you were when you first met. Be his romantic dream and lover for keeps and he will never lose his interest in you.

Give him your respect
When a man knows that he is respected by him woman - he feels ten feet tall! It gives him a status and pride in his family. It also prompts and encourages him to never let you down in any way. Learn to accept him the way he is - faults and weaknesses et al.

Walk away from arguments
This is the secret of keeping him interested in you forever. You don't always have to have the last word! Women don't really know when to stop! It pays to stay quiet and sometimes just walk away from an argument instead of trying to prove your point. This is when men begin to resent them and walk away from the relationship.

Prove that you are his soul mate
When you become indispensable to him then it proves that you are his soul mate. Do things together and spend quality time learning to bond with each other. Intimacy is the key to a strong relationship. He will stay interested if you concentrate on building the right foundation for your relationship.

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