Are You Looking For Ways to Make Your Crush Fall For You? Here Are the Tips Which Will Help You

Published: 04th August 2010
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Before you attempt to make your crush fall in love with you - or at the very least, like you in that special kind of way, you need to make a few assessments. Does he have a girlfriend? Do you think he is already showing signs of interest? If he's unattached and you think he's paying you some notice, then you can do the following:

Show a lot of interest in him
Use body language techniques to show that you are interested. Pay attention to how you sit, how to move your head, how you flip your hair. Of course, you need to be careful about overdoing it, otherwise you might send the wrong signals. Flashing a genuine smile is the best way.

Be attractive for this special man
If you want a guy to fall for you, then you must realize that the first thing he will notice is the way you look. Men are generally attracted to women who know how to take care of themselves without really making a big deal out of it.

Dress appropriately each day of the week
Wearing revealing clothes to get his attention won't help in making him fall for you. Remember that men get attracted to sexy women, but they take a woman's character more seriously. Wear clothes that suit you, and don't try to be something that you're not.

If you want him to be interested, be interesting
Men don't go for perfection, they go for what's interesting. For a start, you need to be independent and productive. Do things that would elevate yourself - get into a hobby, work on accomplishing something. Don't do this for him, do this for yourself. If you are happy and busy, he wouldn't be able to help but admire you.

Let the confident, self-assured woman shine out
Self-confidence is something that is very attractive to men. Before you can expect your crush to fall for you, you must love yourself first. Believe in what you can do, know who you are.

Don't be desperate
Looking glum or being desperate will drive your crush away faster than you can say "hello." Men don't like clingy women. Instead, they go for a woman who respects her own time and space as well as his.

Of course, give him reasons to fall for you
You cannot make your crush, or anyone for that matter, love you or feel for you in any specific way. All you can really do is give him the reasons - some encouragement - to feel that way.

Remember, your life doesn't revolve around him. If he does fall for you, well, congratulations. If not, simply move on.

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