Advanced Psychological Tricks Which Will Make Your Ex Literally Chase You! A Must Read For You

Published: 06th September 2010
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When it comes to the basics we are all animals and the rules of the jungle still apply no matter how civilized we consider ourselves. Whether it is dating, mating or plain feeding we all subconsciously follow our animal instincts.

After your breakup you will want to get your ex back just to satisfy your ego that you are in command and it is you who controls the game. However, if your ex has made a firm decision not to reconsider a reunion you find yourself at a dead end. Instead of you going after him/her use these advanced psychological tricks and get your ex back.

Get over the breakup fast
For your ex to chase you, you need to be ahead of him/her. And the only way you can do this is by moving your butt and getting hold of your emotions. If you stay in your room and become a recluse no one will want you back. Remember animals don't chase stationary things like stones, or trees. The most important thing for the chase to begin is you need to run ahead of the predator. If you stay put in one place he/she will not be interested in chasing you.

Get a life and appear to be in the race for happiness. This should set up your ex for the chase.

Appear appetizing
This is another important thing that you need to bear in mind. You have to appear delicious for your ex to begin chasing you. So, go ahead and start looking fabulous. You can do this by shedding some weight, toning your body, changing your hairstyle, getting a face lift or going under the surgeon's scalpel.

You will have to look drop dead gorgeous/handsome to incite your ex to do a rethink and begin the chase.

Run with the pack
In the jungle only those animals are chased that live in packs. Solitary animals are either stalked or hunted by stealth. For your ex to chase you, you will have to join a group of dashing young men and women and start having fun.

Once your ex sees that you are enjoying and having a great life he/she will want to join in and will begin following you.

Remain within reach
In the Savannahs or in the Serengeti you will notice that only those animals are chased where the predator has a chance to bag the kill. Animals don't like to chase animals that are way too fast as this only exhausts the predator.

For an effective chase you will have to remain within reach of your ex yet a little distant. Sending mixed signals that indicate he/she still has a chance provided they canter fast enough will make them chase you like mad.

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