7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Ex After a Breakup! Your Ex Will Hate You For Saying Them!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Most people don't even realize it, but they actually end up saying some of the most DETRIMENTAL things after a breakup. What ends up happening then, is that their ex ends up hating them, sadly...

Now obviously you don't want to fall into that category...right? Thus, you must NEVER say any of these 7 things to your ex, or else your ex will hate you....

7. "You are making a big mistake" - Do you really expect your ex to take you back, when you have just told them that they are making a MISTAKE? Don't get an ego boost now, the breakup happened for a reason.

6. "I cannot live without you" - Your ex will think this is too KORNY, and will not believe it, since you are still breathing, are you not? It just looks pathetic. When they are breaking up with you, the LAST thing they want to hear is how much you want to cling to them... they need their space now!

5. "Please don't do this to ME" - Wow, nothing like being selfish in that exact moment that your ex was trying to get you to listen to their needs, or at least that is what it suggests to your ex.

4. "I love you so much...don't you love me anymore?" - The last thing they want at the moment is to have to explain their feelings to you. As mentioned, your ex needs some space. Obviously they are not too thrilled with your ACTIONS and this is why they have grown further apart from you. It's not a matter of love, but rather a matter of wanting you to be your best, which they aren't seeing right now.

3. "Please, please....please!" - The simple desperate plea to make your ex reconsider, and maybe even a few tears thrown in there...this does not make your ex want you back, and only tells them that you are fearful of losing them and want them back ONLY because they are going to leave now.

This means that literally everything else they have done and said for you up until this point has meant NOTHING, because you never responded so powerfully to anything else they did. It then tells your ex that you really just didn't appreciate them, and are once again acting selfish.

2. "I'll do anything..."- NO, you won't. Even if you did, your ex would only believe you have lost all self respect and that's not attractive. Your ex needed you to do those things before, not NOW.

1. "I've changed" - If you have to say it, you haven't done it. Real change manifests itself with actions, and your ex will most definitely SEE if you have changed by watching your actions, not your words.

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