7 Things Every Man Wants in a Woman! Follow These and Understand Men on a Whole New Level

Published: 11th August 2010
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The bitter truth in love is this: Men and women will always have their own ideal lovers. People create a mental list of characteristics they'd like their potential partners to have in all aspects - from physical, mental, emotional and even up to spiritual factors. In the mind of every single person is a picture of the perfect partner. They may or may not find this person, as often, such a perfect being does not exist. In reality, women are more idealistic than men, who prefer to be more realistic. But even though they thrive on what's real instead of what's ideal, there are at least 7 things that all men look for in a woman. Here they are.


A man may prefer blondes to brunettes, but may end up falling madly in love with a brown-haired beauty. A guy's perfect woman may be a model, but he ends up happily marrying a chef. The point is, no matter how guys have their own visions of the perfect woman, in the end, they still go for what's real. Each woman is beautiful in her own way. Trying to look and dress up like everyone else is a big turn - off for guys. A girl needs to be proud of what she does for a living and has to be able to exert uniqueness in every way.


Guys love to be at their partners' beck and call, but at the same time, they also love it when women exert effort to make their own decisions and take measures to go for what they want. Long-term relationships are based on compatibility and independence from one another. Therefore, a woman needs to be able to stand on her own, whether there's a man right here to support her, or not. Why do you think needy women can't find stable relationships? Confidence and independence go hand in hand always.


Once a man has seen all there is to see on the physical, he will begin to look for other things to pick, like a woman's brain. For many guys, picking someone's brain is more fun than exploring her body. A woman who is intelligent and street-smart is naturally charming, and will make a fantastic conversationalist. Guys universally choose women who are well-rounded and well-versed given any scenario or topic.


Charming are ladies who can make guys laugh without having to pull a silly face. Just their slightly sarcastic remarks and their witty comments are enough to turn a guy on. Guys don't list "funny" as a characteristic they want their perfect woman to have, but guys with humorous girlfriends always end up happier and enjoy their relationship more. A humorous woman also has more positive outlook in life.


Women are by nature, creative. Men expect women to be creative in all aspects, whether it's showing affection, or cooking a meal. Women are also expected to be creative in satisfying the erotic needs of their partners. Creativity is a must in relationships. It's because guys by nature tend to be fickle-minded, and creativity helps give the relationship something new to look forward to.


While this may seem far-fetched early on, it's also one of those things that will keep a relationship alive. Being open about how you feel and sharing your thoughts is a step towards honesty. If you feel that a guy is ready for more intimate talks like that, you can make him feel closer to you by sharing typically trivial stories about how your day went, and so on.


Sensuality does not have to be sexual. Sensuality is more of a behavior. It's more of knowing how to play his game. Not putting out too early, or waiting to answer his call, or not jumping into every invite is sensual. It lets the guy know you are confident of your sexuality and you are simply allowing the anticipation to rise. And of course, sensuality includes a little bit of art in the world of lovemaking. Face it, guys thrive on physical affection. Knowing how to do it right means a lot to them and is definitely on of the factors that will keep them.

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