7 Signs That He is Interested in You! Here Are the Right Ways to Figure Out Whether He is Interested

Published: 01st September 2010
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Before your guy buys you a bunch of red roses or asks you out for a dinner date he will show his interest to you in many different ways. The easiest way will be to read his body language. Here are seven ways his body will tell you that he is interested in you.

His eyes will follow you
If he finds you interesting he will have a difficult time keeping his eyes away from you. You will spot him secretly eyeing you and his eyes will follow you around the room. When introduced he will look you in the eye and talk to you. His eyebrow will remain raised and he will nod in agreement to all that you say.

Run his hand through his hair
Even if his hair in order he will run his hand through his hair and try to adjust it. Men do this subconsciously and this is a sure giveaway.

He will dress up for you
The guy will ensure that he dresses well. His shoe and belt will match his trousers and his tie will go very well with his shirt. He will appear more presentable when meeting you and you will notice that his shirt is neatly tucked in his trouser. When your eyes meet he will adjust his tie.

He will move away from the crowd
If you see him with his group of friends he will immediately move away from the group. This he does so that you are not intimidated by the noisy crowd around him. However, he will not do it consciously but it will be a spontaneous reaction when you see him.

He will walk tall
To impress you he may also go in for heel lifts to gain a few inches. You will notice a confident gait while walking and his head will be held high. His shoulders will appear a bit broader than normal.

Check you out
When you are not looking at him his eyes will be busy checking you out. When your eyes meet his eyes will stay a little bit longer and linger on your assets before he looks the other way. He may even give you a shy smile. The message he is giving you is that he likes what he sees and would like to know you more intimately.

Restless hands
If he is holding a pen, glass or any other object he will play with it or fiddle with it. He will also adjust his tie or straighten the imaginary crease on his shirt. This constant fiddling is a sign that he is nervous and not sure how to convey his true feelings to you.

These are some of the signs that he is interested in you. Apart from this he will make sure that he does not smoke in your presence or if you do see him smoking he will immediately stub the cigarette.

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