7 Reasons Why Men Leave Women in a Relationship! This Will Clear All Your Doubts Real Fast

Published: 06th August 2010
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A lot of women wonder why they get dumped soon after they are in a relationship. Most of the times it is the things that we do that makes the man leave us. Here are some of the things that you could be doing that is ruining your relationships.

The women become too clingy
Once into the relationship the woman becomes too clingy. She "has" to be with him all the time. She will call him a hundred times in a day. She will even call him moments after they have met to say that she already misses him. What seems cute initially will begin to seem like a burden and the man will soon want out.

The men become the emotional crutch
When women are not confident or self assured they begin to use the men as their emotional crutch. While men don't mind being the support in the woman's life, they do get a little overwhelmed when the women go overboard on this emotional dependence. Soon they get dumped because of this attitude.

The women become too predictable and boring
The woman who was very exciting and spunky in the initial dating days turns out to be a big bore, plain and ordinary soon after the relationship begins. The man in the woman's life gets to see the mundane side of her. The woman too doesn't do much to keep the man excited after she has "landed' him. This makes a man feel cheated and hence he leaves her.

There is no emotional connect
The initial head rush of a relationship doesn't last if there is no emotional connection. When two people bond only at a physical level and cant bond at an intellectual level then the relationship will not last. He will get bored soon and that will spell the end of the relationship.

The men can't keep pace
Women often tend to fast track a relationship which is another thing that men can't deal with. He might just be settling into the relationship and you will be thinking of a commitment and marriage. This will scare him off and will make him leave you.

There is too much of drama and nagging
Being a drama queen works when you are trying to get a man to take notice. But when the unnecessary tantrums don't end even after you are in a relationship and she just turns into a nag then the man begins to re think his decision again.

The women try to change the men
The minute the man gets into the relationship the women try to control and change them. That scares a man off and he leaves the woman.

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