7 Dating Mistakes Women Make Around Men! Ignoring This Will Make it All Extremely Hard For You

Published: 06th September 2010
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Many people believe that relationships work because of the opposing personalities of men and women. (Opposites attract, so they say.) However, these differences, when not properly understood could also be the downfall of any bond.

Although women are generally better readers of personalities because of their analytical nature and their keen attention to details, they are also capable of making drastic mistakes that prevent them from having successful relationships they truly deserve. If you are a woman in search for love, ask yourself if you are guilty of any of these, and know how to avoid them for better chances of finding that one person meant for you.

1. Being too easy to get. Guys are motivated with challenges. Women who make the first move are admirable, but they are only able to keep the respect up if they make the guy work. Chasing a guy around as if he were the only guy left on the planet is a big no-no. Dating is like a piece of rich chocolate cake. You can't devour it in one go. It has to eaten daintily, or the result is a massive migraine, or heartache.

2. Becoming too trusting. - With all the bad guys around, it's only fair for women to take care of their hearts but putting up a wall around them, especially early during the dating process. When guys feel that women trust them too easily, it can be easy for them to take advantage, and that has never resulted in true love.

3. Questioning a lot or becoming too paranoid. Guys enjoy being in the wild. Early in the dating process, they want to be able to keep doing things at their own pace. A change in their "single guy routine" could also change the way they see a girl. Turning into the nagging girlfriend is your one way ticket out of a relationship. If you want it to work, let him earn your trust in his own time, and work on ways to make him trust you.

4. Not knowing what you want. Guys are suckers for girls for are self-directed, independent and intelligent. Women who are strong and can speak up project confidence and charm, and these are instant reasons for men to pursue them.

5. Clinginess. We understand you're smitten, but going all out and sticking to him like glue will leave you alone in the long run. Guys need lots of space and air. Even married guys demand time-out, so don't bother expecting dating guys to cling to you happily. If you are about the guy you are dating, do not give him this type of torture.

6. Being a pleaser. So you think he'll keep you if you bow down to anything and everything he wants? You're wrong there. Guys can read pleasers. They then may take advantage of anything you have to offer, and leave you, lost.

7. And finally, women often make the mistake of turning a deaf ear on a guy's signals. Guys won't bluntly say they are not interested. Instead, they drop hints, such as "I'm busy tonight", or they may deliberately ignore you when you're talking. Learn to take a hint and step back. You're better off with someone who is as into you as you are to him.

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