4 Sure Shot Ways to Get Your Ex Back! Here Are the Tricks You Don't Want to Miss at Any Cost

Published: 07th September 2010
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Getting your ex back is tricky. Why? Well think about it this way, this is the same person you spent a lot of time with. A person that you thought you knew inside out, a person that at certain times it seemed like you can finish each other's sentences.

But now, chasing that same person seems like chasing a Unicorn. The same person you thought you knew not only seemingly changed to something different, it seems like he/she changed into a mythical being you haven't even heard of. But you don't need to read mythology to get him/her back. I have 4 sure shot ways to get your ex back and here they are.

Act naturally and maturely if you get to see him/her - Everything in life is all about leverage. Act like you are too excited and too happy and you just gave your leverage away. If you carry yourself in a cool, calm and collected manner your ex would be curious if they made the right decision because you seem to be okay and it's not good for their ego and they will do something about it.

Accept the fact that you are no longer together - and act like it. If you meet up with your ex and you do everything like you are still together, you are totally missing the point. This will also make your ex feel like he/she is not in total control and for your ex to regain control, he/ she will try to talk about your relationship again and the tables are now turned.

Create the impression that the world doesn't revolve around him/her - because it's true. If you do things that you are passionate about but never had the time to do them when you are together your ex will see the difference in you and when you get to see each other again you won't exude the aura of a desperate person and that helps.

Look your best - This is a simple one. If you look better than when you were together and you carry yourself well your ex will definitely notice, and if you can read his/her thoughts the first thing you'll hear at the sight of you is "oh".

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