4 Proven Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back! This Will Persuade Your Ex to Get Back With You

Published: 10th September 2010
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Okay so you've tried all you can think of. You tried begging, you tried calling them every day - but nothing works. Are you really going to give up? Can you think of nothing else to try to get him or her back? Read on to see the four proven psychological tricks you can use on your ex to get them back.

Indifference: Be polite but aloof. Don't make a huge deal of running into him or her and start fawning all over them. Keep it casual or you'll be regarded as desperate or needy. The last thing you want is your ex avoiding you because you can't seem to control yourself.

Killer attitude: You are a great person so don't be afraid to let it show. Put on a killer attitude that says you are the sexiest guy or girl around. Exuding confidence will make your ex wonder if they're doing the right thing by not being with you. Of course when you do this enough they will start to fear losing you for good, and your phone will start ringing.

Visual Upgrade: Go out and buy yourself a new wardrobe. Take a day off work to go to a salon and a spa. Pamper yourself. Make the changes necessary to look drop dead gorgeous. There's no way to lose with this strategy.

Flirt, flirt, flirt: It's perfectly alright to flirt with other people. This is especially true if you do it in front of your ex, of course. He or she will be unable to ignore what's going on right in front of their eyes.

Jealousy is sure to set in immediately and you will be approached by your ex shortly. Just remember to keep it cool and don't act so happy to see them!

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