4 Must Do Steps Which Will Stop a Breakup and Pull Your Ex Back Pronto! You Must Know This!

Published: 07th September 2010
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If you want to stop a breakup and pull your ex back, will you:

A). Desperately chase your ex around, argue, plead and beg, cry, insult them, and stalk them?


B). Make your ex want you back, and undo all of the damage?

Well If you chose B), then you are correct, because that is the RIGHT solution to getting your ex back, and in fact it can stop your breakup and pull them back pronto! Read on to find out the 4 must do steps which will get your ex back....

4. Quit being so available

Your ex is taking you for granted, because you are too available. In fact, your ex isn't even asking for it, and you are calling him/her like crazy and non-stop. Not only this, but you are trying to get back together with them, when all they want is space!

What happens then, is your ex stops appreciating you and starts to take you for granted, because you are easily handing out everything they could ever want, without being in a relationship with your ex, so quit being so available.

3. Make your ex want you back

To do this, all you have to do is start dating again. Don't let things get too intimate with the new person, but rather make it clear to your ex that you are dating again. This will make your ex jealous, and will be the turning point.

Your ex will instantly feel as though they must get you back, because your attention is suddenly not on them anymore, sort of like a deprivation reaction.

2. Be playful with your ex

This is a fun and easy way to tease your ex and make them want you even more. Play hard to get, but be extremely playful when doing so. Even though you may be dating someone else during this time, this will in fact make your ex want you even more.

Your ex will not be able to resist the temptation of this kind of a challenge, because you appear to be fun, happy, and also playful; which is a perfect combination for building attraction again.

1. Accomplish big things

Instead of just letting life idly pass you by, and making your ex believe you really want nothing out of life, go out there and start accomplishing big things, because people are naturally drawn to successful people.

This in turn will make your ex want you even more, especially if you suddenly develop good financial wealth or get a great new body from working out, but either way, once you start accomplishing things, your ex will immediately want you back pronto!

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