4 Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems Hopeless! These Tricks Work Exceptionally Well

Published: 10th September 2010
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It's hopeless, they just won't come back. It's too late, they're dating somebody else. Is it really too late? Are you going to give up so soon? Isn't this the person you wanted to spend your life with? Here are four mind tricks to use to get your ex back when you've lost all hope.

One call a week, tops: Back off! Your ex will NOT get back with you if you insist on calling them five thousand times a day. If you just can't stop calling them completely, make sure you keep it at a minimum. Also, remember to act calm and keep it short.

Calm and collected: Whenever you bump into your ex try to control the urge to beg them to come home. Act calm and collected. Be polite and ask them casual question about how they are doing. Make sure they realize you are doing well and are not desperate to get back with them.

Just act normal: If you run into your ex when they are on a date with someone new, don't freak out! It's normal for either of you - for both of you actually - to see other people. So don't be rude to the date or make a scene in front of them. Just be yourself.

By remaining calm you are showing your ex that you have the right level of maturity. You might doubt it, but they will remember this when something goes wrong with their new date.

Don't boast about your new date: Even if they call you just to make you feel jealous and give you all the unwanted details regarding their new partner, don't do the same. If you are already seeing someone new just say so, but keep them guessing as to how things are going for you.

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