4 Mind Tricks to Get Your Ex Back When it Seems Hopeless! It Won't Seem Hopeless After This Point

Published: 07th September 2010
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No, it's not hopeless. You can still get your ex back. How? Check out these four mind tricks to get them back in no time. Watch them start chasing you instead!

Go out and have fun: Nothing will have their mind racing more than seeing you have fun. The tables will turn. They will be the ones to wonder if there is any hope left. Call up a few of your closest friends and go out. Have fun. Make sure your ex finds out that you're having a blast.

Stay in sight: Let them see you. However, don't be a stalker. Keep a low profile but remain visible to your ex. Remember to keep your cool and act as if everything is fine. Hold back your tears and let your ex see you are handling things well.

Once they see you are getting on with your life, they will stop to think: "Am I doing the right thing?" They will begin to regret letting you go.

Pamper yourself: You deserve the best, don't you think? So, go out and buy those new clothes. Have a salon day and get the works. If you're going to make them see you, you should look your finest.

Pampering yourself will also help you boost your self-confidence and rid your mind of those negative thoughts. After all, you can easily get them back, right?

Stop calling them: Just say "no" to stalking! You will only push them farther away if you call them every five minutes. You don't them to think you're desperate or just plain crazy. Back off and stop overloading their answering machine.

Don't bother them at work either. One can only like so many teddy bears or heart-shaped balloons. Give them some space or they might consider getting a restraining order.

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