4 Dirty Psychological Tricks to Get Your Ex Back Stunningly Fast! Know This Before It's Too Late

Published: 10th September 2010
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Your boyfriend left you! Just like that! He broke up with you for no apparent reason. You rack tour brain thinking why a smooth-sailing relationship suddenly went awry. What could have happened? Was it your fault? No matter whose fault it was, you were seriously hurt by the total lack of consideration by your ex.

You're not really a mean person but sometimes, there is a necessity to be one. It's time to play dirty psychological tricks to get your ex back.

Tell him you're sick - or dying. Whatever is more melodramatic should work fine. This piece of news would definitely make you ex fell guilty and actually go back to you. The only hitch is, he'll find out sooner or later what the truth is.

Pretend you're going out with a "hot" guy - Okay. This could make your ex feel insecure and downright jealous he might actually demand that the two of you get back together. This could actually work as your ex does not ever need to know that there was never another "hot" guy.

Suck up to his family, especially his mother - If you two have been going out for quite a while it is more than likely that you have been introduced to his family. So, use that affinity to work for you. Go visit his mother and have a nice chat with her. It would be better if you could bring food too, a favorite cake perhaps.

Tell him you have moved on - and thank him for the "memories". Cry a bit if your must. The important thing is you should act as if you have forgiven him and that you are wishing him well. This could work or not. But hey! Since you're out to play it dirty to get him back, this bit is worth trying. If it does not work, then it's really time to move on.

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