3 Things to Say to Your Ex Which Will Psychologically Convince Them to Take You Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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What if you could psychologically convince your ex to take you back simply by conveying a message to them? In fact, you can do this with WORDS...and sometimes that is ALL it takes, especially if your ex simply wanted to be understood, acknowledged etc...

Use these tips to psychologically convince your ex to take you back...

"I am sorry"

This is one of the most important and critical things which you can say to your ex, and often times if your break up is fresh, and even if it happened a long time ago, just admitting that you KNOW you went wrong somewhere will psychologically convince your ex that you really do care about them.

Once you apologize your ex will also be watching you like a hawk to make sure that you don't make the same mistakes again. Your ex will view it as an "unspoken" PROMISE you have just made to NOT do that thing again, so keep this in mind.

BUT, this also means that they will in fact be watching you to see what you do, which in turn means that they are NOW open to the idea of taking you back.

"I understand..."

Sometimes there are so many misunderstandings that a breakup is inevitable, especially IF your ex is the one who feels misunderstood. Look back to all of the times that you and your ex fought, and really the only time most people argue with a partner, is because they do not fully understand them.

Try to understand your ex more, by listening more and thinking back on things they asked of you previously, so that you convey the message to your ex that you DO understand them, and make them psychologically feel important.

"I will give you some space..."

This is something that you really DON'T want to do now, but it is something you really should do, to SHOW them that you are willing to do what it is that THEY need right now.

When you agree to something your ex is asking for, you use reverse psychology to psychologically convince your ex to NOT want that thing then. The reason it would make your ex NOT want space, is because it's subconsciously suggesting to them that you really don't want to be around them.

This in turn makes your ex feel as though they do in fact want you around, and want you to stay etc... because they will feel really abandoned when they actually HEAR you confirm that you will in fact give them the space they asked for.

Besides, your ex wasn't REALLY asking for space, what they were asking for was time away from the things you do that cause them pain, and they really just wanted you to change, or perhaps they also wanted to change, and they figured that time away from you would solve this.

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