10 Things Your Ex Absolutely Hates About You! Don't Lose the Love of Your Life Because of These!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Did you know that your ex hates you? Well the truth hurts, but what is worse, is that you are CAUSING your ex to hate you! In fact, let me show you why your ex absolutely hates you!

Read on to find out the 10 things which your ex absolutely hates about you...

10. Your attitude - It's extremely negative and down. It's very selfish and acts as if the world is against it. It's not attractive. Yes, a breakup occurred, but when you act as if it's the end of the world, your ex just sees this as being pathetic and weak.

9. Your apologies - You're not sorry. At least that's what your ex thinks, when you apologize 10000 times, without even saying what you are sorry for! Your ex will also just think you are trying to fool them into taking you back by trying to say what you think he/she wants to hear...but your ex isn't going to buy that either!

8. Your habits - You said you would change, but you became worse! In fact, now you are calling your ex 10000 times, and have developed even worse habits than you had before. You may even be letting your health slip by eating too much, or not eating at all....and all of these habits your ex HATES.

7. Your excuses - Instead of just admitting your mistakes, you sit there making excuses. Your ex dislikes this immensely, because it's irresponsible.

6. Your arguments - Your ex wants some space, and here you are arguing the breakup, and arguing everything else. Not only are you arguing, but your arguments are invalid half the time, and the other half they are simply emotional outbursts. Your ex hates this.

5. Your laziness - Once again, you said you would change, but you aren't changing. Instead, you are acting really lazy, and are expecting your ex to take you back simply because you said "I love you", rather than doing the things he/she had asked with ACTIONS.

4. Your threats - They didn't take you back right away, so you start threatening him/her. You might even try to blackmail your ex or give ultimatums...your ex hates this.

3. Your jealousy - You are practically psychotically jealous since the breakup, and accuse your ex of all sorts of things, and always want to know who he/she is dating or not dating. Your ex sees this as controlling.

2. Your neediness -You cling to your ex like saran to a plate full of food! Your ex can't stand to be choked by too much neediness and wishes you would just be independent for once and take care of your own needs.

1. Your "closed-mindedness" - You never listen. At least that's how your ex feels. You also don't understand them, and seem to be so closed minded that your ex literally hates you for it.

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